Friday, November 1, 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Adventure Time: Watkins Glen, NY!!

Last week my cousin Molly decided that we need to do more outdoor journeys and trips.  She wanted to visit a waterfall and of course I couldn't settle for just one so I found Watkins Glen, NY. So I picked her and her brother up and we headed up North.

This is a series of waterfalls that spans 2 miles at the bottom of the Finger Lakes region, about 35 minutes outside of Ithaca, NY (where we also drove through after the hike). It took us a few hours to get through it and it was fairly crowded (we went on a Saturday, midday). The park entrance is right in the center of this quaint town and we paid $8 for parking which was mainly for upkeep at the park.

This is the beginning of the trail from the North Rim.  You can park on either the North or the South Rims but our GPS took us here so we went with it.

 Right off the bat there was a large waterfall when you enter the path, and it just keeps going from there.  They give you a map since there are three different trails, though we stayed on the main one until we reached the end.  On the way back we took the trail through the woods so we could see things from a different perspective.

Here you actually walk under your first waterfall, Cascade Falls.  The space is a bit tight and most people were afraid to get wet or wanted to take photos so you did get a bit delayed.

The view from under the falls, and no, I did not make everyone stop for this photo.  I pretty much ran with it.

This was an overpass that we couldn't figure out how to access, hence our journey on a different path back.

There were so many different views and things to see, to us it looked like something out of Lord of the Rings, which was amazing since we are all bookworms.

A view from above one of the stone bridges.

Rainbow Falls, the second spot where you could walk under the falls.  The water flow was heavier on the way there than it was on the way back.  By the time we left there was only a trickle or two as you walked by.

Trying to avoid some puddles.

They kept making fun of me because I would stop to take pictures of the stairs everywhere, but they just looked so eerie and amazing that I couldn't resist.

Just a bunch of random stone tables we found on the walk back from the South Entrance.  There were probably a few dozen of them in the forest and I decided to call them Fairy Tables. We didn't run into a single person on this path.

We finally found the bridge!!

The main trail was all man-made, stone steps and walkways and much easier for people to walk on.  Though I will say that it was not a very easy hike at all times.  There were several steps through the path and by the time we got to the South parking lot we had to walk up a set of stairs that was about 184 steps up, all in one shot.  By the time we finished my handy little FitBit pedometer claimed that we walked up 64 flights of stair on the journey.

It was definitely worth the trek though, there was so much to see and we managed to get there on a great day weather wise. Next up is Apple Picking for the first time...

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots

I was beyond excited when I first saw this polish on the website for Maybelline but then it was extremely difficult to find in stores. I finally found it at Target (of course) and picked it up yesterday in the color Drops of Jade. 

I love polka dots and was hoping it would be a quick and easy way to have some fun nail art. 
The first coat was promising, though you could tell the polish itself is very sheer and might be difficult to apply. It was. The second coat deposited too many of the dots and not enough polish. By the time that I finished the second coat on my first hand the polish was clumping up at the top of the bottle and was harder to control. I started closing the bottle and shaking it up after every few nails on my second hand and it kept the formula much easier to work with. 

It definitely could use a third coat but I think that would just add far too many polka dots into the mix and make my nails look like an old kitchen counter. The texture on the nails isn't bad, I haven't noticed it getting in the way since I am pretty rough on my hands. It also dried relatively fast which I love in any polish.

It does look cute on the nails but I would definitely pick up another Sugar Coat or Fuzzy Coat from Sally Hansen before this one.

2 Coats: Natural Light
Drops of Jade #55

Friday, August 2, 2013

August Julep Unboxing & Swatches

The past few weeks have been absolutely crazy.  I've been going through a ton of interviews and was Maid of Honor in my friend's wedding so it took me a few days to get these photos up here.

The August box from Julep didn't have a lot going on with it like the past few but I did enjoy what came in this month for the most part.  The box came with two polishes and the DoubleStep friction block.
I forgot to take photos of the friction block on its own but its very similar to the Band-Aid version (I brought the Band-Aid version to the wedding and made all the bridesmaids wear it and it worked like a charm) and works well at preventing blisters when wearing those difficult shoes we all seem to have. It's just a little stick like a deodorant that you rub onto areas where friction is an issue and it helps to just keep your feet smooth against the shoe.

The nail polishes were again a bit fall-y like they were last month.  The first one is Lois and its a pearlized mauve color- most likely will be used on my mother more but it is a decent neutral.  It went on fully with one coat however I tend to have issues with keeping pearly polishes on my nails, they just scratch off way to easily for me.  The second is Francis and this one is a light mossy green of sorts.  I actually really like this one, it goes well with my skin tone and I wore it for most of the week without a top coat and it wore really well.  Will definitely be using this one regularly in the fall.
All in all it wasn't a bad month from Julep, I liked these colors much better than last month and I know I will definitely be using up the DoubleStep since I've gone through several of my regular friction block sticks.

Lois: 1 coat

Francis: 2 coats